11 December 2008

Indonesia University

How To Get UI
Depok campus
Depok lies in the southern part of Jakarta. Many faculties are located in this new campus area.
By car: the trip will take about one hour from Jakarta city centre along regular road or about 30 minutes along inner city tollroad. From Jakarta International Airport the trip takes about one and a half to two hours via tollroad. Traveling by taxi from the airport will cost around Rp 180,000.
Please provide the taxi driver with money for toll fees around Rp 20,000,-. After exitting all toll gates, the driver will give you the changes should there are some.

By train: to get to Depok campus by train, take any of regular (Jabotabek) trains (stretched from Kota to Bogor ) to Depok/Bogor. Hop off at UI or Pondok Cina station. Every point in the campus is accessible by yellow campus bus, which serve for free. Wait at the bus stop if you intend to take the bus or “ojek” (a rented motorcycle equipped with a driver) if you are in a hurry. Ojek's tariff normally starts from Rp 2,000, depending on the distance.

Salemba campus

The campus is located in Jalan Salemba 4, Central Jakarta . Its closest border is east Jakarta . The campus is a neighbor to capital's oldest hospital Cipto Mangunkusumo, which currently also functions as UI teaching hospital.

By car: From Jakarta International airport, the trip normally takes one hour along the tollroad.

By train: Take any of regular (Jabotabek) trains to Cikini station. The campus is only within short distance, but a bit too far to walk there. Take the bus no. 502 and pay Rp 2,000, hop off at Salemba traffic light intersection (you should alert the conductor) or simply take Bajaj and pay Rp 3,000.

If you need more assistance or directions to get to UI, you may contact
Cooperation & International Office:
Ph/Fax: +62-21-7888 0139
E-mail: io-ui@ui.ac.id
Official Site :http://www.ui.ac.id
Have a safe travel!


Universitas Indonesia (UI) is a modern, comprehensive, open-minded, multi-culture, and humanism campus that covers wide arrays of scientific disciplines. UI simultaneously strives to be one of the leading research universities and the most outstanding academic institution in the world. As a world class research university, UI seeks to achieve the highest level of distinction in the discovery, developing and diffusion of advance knowledge regionally and globally. In the meanwhile, UI is distinctive among research universities in its commitment to the academic invention and research activities through various scientific programs.

UI was founded in 1849 and represents the most experiencing educational institution in Asia. Producing more than 400.000 alumni, UI continue its important role both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, it is our commitment to produce high quality of education system, global standard research activities and maintaining high standard of international academic research publications.

Being one of the top best universities in the world, UI is actively expanding international cooperation with other world class universities. Vivacious cooperation had been developed in the domain of education and joint-research with the finest universities. Some partners are Washington University , Bagozici University, Budapest University of Technology and and Economics, China Agricultural University, Chinese University of Hongkong, Chulalangkorn University, Fudan University, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Korea University, Middle East Technical University, National Taiwan University, National University of Singapore, Peking University, Seoul National University, State University of Campinas, Tata Institute of social Sciences, Technion-Israel of Technology, Tsinghua University, University of Chile, The University of Hongkong, University of Tokyo and Yonsei University.

Furthermore, UI campus is one of the most magnificent green campuses in the world. UI has two campuses; one is in the central business in Jakarta (Salemba) and the second one is located in Depok areas (West Java). Depok campus is a green campus covering 320 hectares. UI maintains the ecology conservation by utilizing only 25 percent of area for academic, research and student activities; while up hold 75 percent for forestation. UI commitment for ecology is also shown by wonderful lakes (in total UI has 8 lakes) inside campus. UI is an astonishing campus that facilitates knowledge transfers and invention activities for all ‘civitas-academica’ UI and humanity.

Institute of Technology Bandung

Office: Jl. Tamansari 64 Bandung 40116,
Campus: Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132 Indonesia
Tel & Fax +62-22-2500935
Official Site : http://www.itb.ac.id

General Information and History

Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) or Bandung Insitute of Technology or Institute of technology Bandung,
was founded on March 2, 1959.
The present ITB main campus is the site of earlier engineering schools in
Indonesia. Although these institutions of higher learning had their own
individual characteristics and missions, they left influence on developments
leading to the establishment of ITB.
In 1920, Technische Hogeschool (TH) was established in Bandung, which for
a short time, in the middle forties, became Kogyo Daigaku. Not long after
the birth of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945, the campus housed the Technical
Faculty (including a Fine Arts Department) of Universitas Indonesia, with
the head office in Jakarta. In the early fifties, a. Faculty of Mathematics
and Natural Sciences, also part of Universitas Indonesia, was established
on the campus.

In 1959, the present lnstitut Teknologi Bandung was founded by the Indonesian
government as an institution of higher learning of science, technology,
and fine arts, with a mission of education, research, and service to the

Government Decree No. 155/2000 pertaining to The Decision on ITB as Legal
Enterprise (Badan Hukum) has opened a new path for ITB to become autonomous.
The status of autonomy implies a freedom for the institution to manage its
own bussiness in an effective and efficient way, and to be fully responsible
for the planning and implementation of all program and activity, and the
quality control for the attainment of its institutional objective. The institution
has also freedom in deciding their measures and taking calculated risks
in facing tight competition and intense pressures.


Bandung, with a population of approximately one and a half million, lies
in the mountainous area of West Java, at an altitude of 770 meters. The
ITB main campus, to the north of the town centre, and its other campuses,
cover a total area of 770,000 square meters.


10 December 2008

Gadjah Mada University

Address :Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 55281, INDONESIA
Phone : +62-274-562011 , 588688
Fax: +62-274-565223 , 901936
Website : http://www.ugm.ac.id

E-mail : setr@ugm.ac.id


Establishment : December 19, 1949
Status : State-owned legal entity
Number of faculties : 18
Number of study programs: 210

* Diploma : 28
* Undergraduate : 69
* Graduate : 67
* Doctorate : 47

Total of students : 54,000
International students : 719
University staff : 2,273

* PhD : 701
* Masters : 1.172
* Specialists : 37
* First degree : 363

Employee : 2,240
Number of graduates : 180,884

* Diploma : 25,115
* First degree : 118,849
* Masters : 34,275
* Specialists : 1,791
* PhD holders : 854

Total space : 357 hectares
Space per student : 9.81 m2


STMIK Amikom Yogyakarta



AMIKOM Integrated Campus Jl. Ring Road Utara, Condong Catur, Sleman, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Telp: (0274) 884201 - 207
Fax: (0274) 884208
Official Site : http://www.amikom.ac.id

E-Mail: amikom@amikom.ac.id

Established : 12 October 1994
Type : Private Universities
Rector : Prof.Dr.Mohammad Suyanto, MM.

Motto : In winning Trend Information Technology

Becoming the best of Information System Study Program in ASEAN.

The mission of study program refers to STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta mission, as follow: yielding graduates with global qualities, productive, entrepreneurial, professionals, especially in knowledge based on computer and informatics.


1. Producing ready to use graduate that master on information technology, high moral standards, capable to work professionally, useful for society, nation, state, and religion.
2. To improve the society education quality, to generate high skill graduate that ready to implement the capability in technology to support nation development.

To achieve the consistency on its operational, the vision, mission and goals need to be socialized to all STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA society, so that the implementation will be on integrated view to achieve the goals easily.

STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta one private university in Yogyakarta. This university was founded on October 12, 1994. HISTORY founding School of Management Information and Computer AMIKOM Yogyakarta
School of Information Management and Computer AMIKOM Yogyakarta (hereinafter called STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta) is one of the private universities in Yogyakarta under the auspices of the Foundation AMIKOM Yogyakarta. STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA universities is a result of the Academy of Management Information and Computer "AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA."
Academy of Management Information and Computer Yogyakarta as institutions of higher education that was founded by decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.No: 084/D/O/1994 on the Status of Registered Giving to the Department / Program for the Study Level Studies on D-III AMIKOM Yogyakarta in Yogyakarta and shelter under the Foundation "AMIKOM" YOGYAKARTA. Studies have under the Foundation "AMIKOM" YOGYAKARTA. Studies have Information Management and Information System. This study each managed by a Head of Department and Secretary of the Department supported by the device Lecturers, and Administrative Staff.
Overall academic institutions currently led by a Director, assisted by several Assistant Director, Academic Agency, Agency Administratatif elements, the Implementation Technical Unit, Research and Development of elements and some other supporting elements.
In 2002, the program D-3 has been in the Information Management Accreditation by the national Accreditation Board degan Higher Tax PT SK BAN: 010/BAN-PT/Ak-I/Dpl-III/VIII/2002 and obtain accreditation A.
Along with the progress of the Information and Communication Technology (TIK) and once to meet the needs experts who understand and skilled in the field, then add the program AMIKOM S-1, and changes STIMIK become AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA. Based on the decision of Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia dated Decree of the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia, dated 24 April 2002, the Tax. 75/D/O/2002 Giving Permit 75/D/O/2002 of Organization Studies Program and the Founding School of Management Information and Computer (STMIK) AMIKOM Yogyakarta in Yogyakarta (Changes in the form of AMIKOM), which was organized by the Foundation AMIKOM Yogyakarta in Yogyakarta.
Based on the decree, the STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA given permission to hold the course:
1. Technical Information levels for Undergraduate Program (S1)
2. Information Systems Undergraduate Program for levels (S1)
3. Information Management Diploma Program for levels - III (D-3)
4. Information techniques to levels Diploma Program-III (D-3)
5. Magister Technical Information (S2)
Organization Studies Program Information System for Undergraduate Program levels (S1) specifically supported by the Ministry of National Education, the Director General of Higher Education Tax: 2704/D/T/2004 subject Extension Program permit Organization study on STMIK AMIKOM


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